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Availability of Medicaid Coverage for Dentures by State – Ways to Make Dentures Afforable

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Dentures are far more than just a cosmetic luxury to improve one’s appearance. Dentures are important for talking, eating, and smiling as well. However, the dentures can have astronomical costs.

An individual could pay as much as $10,000 for both top and bottom plates without the help of dental insurance. A significant expense for one to be able to eat and speak properly. Regardless of the cost of dentures to smile with pride, there are various ways to make dentures affordable to make a smile even bigger.

The common way to get assistance with the cost of dentures is through your private or government offered dental insurance. Insurance will typically only contribute a partial cost of the dentures that could still have a steep out of pocket cost. Which can have a harsh impact on an individual with a low-income or savings, on top of the monthly premiums to be paid.

Getting Dentures Through Medicaid

Medicare Part A and Part B Plans offer very little dental coverage, hence denture coverage through Medicare is hard to come by. Some Medicare advantage plans will offer coverage for dentures but options are limited to Medicare advantage plan providers.

Dental coverage under Medicaid is much easier to obtain. Each Medicaid program is operated independently by state governments. With that, some states do offer coverage of dentures through Medicaid, but not all. Like dental coverage, dentures are considered to be an optional category. If coverage for dentures is available in your state, an individual would simply need to meet the state’s requirements for medicaid.


Unfortunately dentures are not available through medicaid in every state. To find out if dentures are covered by Medicaid in your state, contact your state’s Medicaid office. If an individual, regardless of age is eligible for medicaid and the state offers coverage for dentures. The individual is then eligible for dentures as well. There is no extended qualifications or approval requirements denture or dental coverage. However, denture coverage is an individual coverage that is separate from general dental coverage.

PACE Program

The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), is jointly operated by Medicare and Medicaid. This is also another alternative that can help a person get the dentures they need since PACE provides all services that are covered by Medicare and Medicaid combined. This is only if the state’s medicaid program offers coverage for dentures.

Alternatives For States Where Coverage For Dentures Is Not Offered

There are variety of ways to make dentures affordable, even if Medicaid coverage is not available in your state. If coverage for dentures is not available in your state, take some time explore some of the alternatives below:

    • Dental insurance: Many major medical health plans can include dental coverage with a monthly premiums as low as $5. Stand-alone dental insurance plans are always available. These plans typically cover general dentistry such as exams, periodic cleanings, X-rays, fillings, and other dental care. Extended plans can also help with some of the costs for oral surgery, implants, and dentures. Coverage will vary by plan, so check with the specific plan for more details.
    • Dental schools: Some dental schools run low-cost clinics as a way to give back to the community and give dentists hands-on training while be supervised by a dental instructor. Find dental schools near you to see if programs are available in your location. Although dentures may not be offered, a few schools may offer dentures to further train dentists.
    • Third Party Financing: If the full cost of dentures is out of budget but a low monthly payment is feasible, third party financing from a dentist is likely available with low interest rates or even interest free for senior citizens and lower credit requirements. Most dentists usually offer financing options through the office themselves or through a third-party to allow an individual to get dentures quickly without having to wait.